About Me

Edwin D Ferretti III is a writer, a tinkerer in electronics, a trumpet player and an amateur archaeologist with a passion for ancient Egypt. He was born in Chicago, Illinois; and has lived in: Maryland, Virginia, Texas, California, Louisiana, Nebraska, American Samoa, Italy and the United Kingdom. In 1969, he graduated from the then Southwest State Teachers College, San Marcos Texas with a BA in History and a minor in both Geology and Anthropology. He also holds a MA from the US Airforce Academy in Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Ferretti writes YA, Science Fiction and Fantasy commercial fiction books. Currently he is working on his DARKSIDE OF THE MEDALLION trilogy. The first novel, titled THE DARKSIDE OF THE MEDALLIOM is complete. The second book, titled FIRE IN THE SKY, is also complete. The final book, titled LIVING ENDURINGLY is his current work in progress. Another trilogy titled THE GREEN ARROW and a YA novel titled THE LUCKIEST BOY IN THE UNIVERSE (a spin-off of The Darkside of the Medallion trilogy) will soon follow.

Mr. Ferretti retired from a successful career as a Naval Flight Officer and currently resides in Nebraska amid hundreds of acres of farmer’s fields with his rescued horses, dogs and cats.