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The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part fourteen



A vacant feeling consumed me as I slumped back into the chair. Cindy is so beautiful...letting out a deep sigh I looked at Bast.

"What're we gonna do for the next ten and a half hours?" Bast jumped up on the table and began purring. The room faded and we were both standing next to my car.

"Thank you Bast. We should go and visit Cynthia." I drove my Corvette slowly through town; snow moved out of the way as it encountered the car's wipers, wispy tendrils of mist reached out trying to surround my vision. Squinting, I barely made out Cynthia's driveway; the house appeared and I turned off the ignition in front of the porch.

"Come on Bast; it's only a short distance to the porch." No sooner was I outside my car; Bast was already on the porch waiting for me. The snow storm surrounded me as I made my way blindly to the front door. My fingers and ears were turning numb when I rang the doorbell. No sound announced Cynthia's arrival, the door opened and her hand waved us inside.

"Welcome to our first winter storm. It's most unusual, as we never see weather this bad much less experience snow. Bast there's a bowl of—"

 Bast was a distant dot in the hallway as she hurried toward the kitchen. "I declare, that cat lives on her stomach." Cynthia looked at me.

"Oh my, your hands and ears are cherry red. You must be frozen." She led me to another room that featured a long sofa, bookshelves and a large LCD TV; the fireplace exuded warmth as I stood in front, rubbing my hands together; my fingers began to tingle then ache, a sign of revival that I didn't look forward to, a painful recovery. My ears began to tingle; Cynthia mumbled something and left, the soft pops from the fireplace soothed the waves of shivers racking my body.

The room door opened and shut, Cynthia entered with a tray and set it down on a table in front of the sofa.

"David, come sit and watch me as I put together this drink. My Greek grandfather swore by it as a cure for everything from a common cold to the shivers." She lit a small candle under a glass pot of steamy coffee. Taking two large mugs she dipped the rims into a bowl of water then swirled them around on a plate of sugar. Opening a bottle of Metaxa Brandy she carefully dripped some along the rim, and then set it afire. Once the flames died down she filled the mug with coffee, Metaxa Brandy and Ouza, an anise flavored liqueur. Thick whipped cream floated on top and she handed a mug to me.

Cynthia raised her cup, ""Stin Ygia Sou, to your health." After sipping a mouthful I grinned at her and nodded my head in approval.

"I must have this recipe; my shivers are gone and feelings are coming back to my ears and fingers." Cynthia smiled at me and placed her cup on the tray. "The sugar on the rim is caramelized and ads a sweetness to the bitterness of the coffee and cuts down the anise flavor. Now tell me everything that Cindy told you."

I quickly recapped Cindy's story. Turing on my tape recorder Cynthia and I listened to the conversation...Cindy's soft voice mesmerized me.

"The bookcase is in father's room. I'll be glad to show it to you." I stood and extended my hand; Cynthia grabbed it and pulled herself upright. "Follow me."

Bast if you can hear me meet us in Cindy's father's room. A soft purring sounded at my feet as we ascended the staircase. Thank you Bast. Cynthia stopped and pointed to a door on the right.

"It's in there."

Opening the door Bast and I entered. A canopied bed was to the left; a tall mirror stood to the right of the bed, an open door on the left side led into a large closet, along the opposite wall was the three-door book cabinet. When my hand reached for the latch it encountered a field that shimmered yellow and gold; the harder I pushed the brighter the colors became.

"Bast what do you think, is it spell bound and if so can you open it?" Bast walked to the mirror and sat on her haunches. A bright sheen covered her them extinguished. The face of the mirror clouded, a beautiful tall slender blue woman with wavy hair smiled at me.

"My name is Daleeah, wife of Orion and I will be your guide and fount of knowledge. How can I help you?"

 "My name is David and I'm trying to gain entrance into that," my arm pointed behind me, "bookshelf." I briefly told her of Cindy's predicament and my efforts to bring her home.

"Dressa the Black has caused nothing but trouble since Jen woke him from his magical slumber. I will aid you in opening the bookcase." A bright light forced me to turn my head and shut my eyes.     

"Sorry for the bright discomfort but that's how we travel." Daleeah moved swiftly to the bookcase and placed her hands on the spell of closure left by Cindy's father. The gold and yellow colors blazed, then suddenly extinguished; the three doors swung open. "I see books of magic that shouldn't be here."

"I'm looking for something, that he might have left behind, that will tell me where the dimension that Cindy is trapped in is located. If I find out, I can write a way for her to come home."

"All I know is that Cindy is trapped in a dark dimension, hidden behind veils of black magic. I'll take these books and look through them for clues to her location. I'll also talk with Úma, the queen of the wee folk and see if I can tag along the next time they visit Cindy. There are few places in the universe that I don't know of." I nodded my head in agreement and before I could thank her the room brightened and Daleeah and the books vanished.


To be continued.


To see a faire—is a dream come true.

To be granted the Gift of Erin—priceless.


(Book two in the Darkside of the Medallion trilogy)

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The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part thirteen




Sliding my chair back I stood. "You look amazing," blurted out of my mouth.

"Romance can come later. You need to ask me questions and bring me back home."

"Sorry, it's just that you've been on my mind since I first saw you." I realized that forgot to bring my list of questions and would have to wing it. "Tell me about this dimension." I sat down again and turned on my tape recorder.

"I call it the October Country."

"October Country?"

"Reminds me of Chicago during winter; icy and windy. If it weren't for the elves, I would've frozen to death a long time ago. They brought me food, warm clothing and blankets." She blushed, "I changed to these cloths for you." I made a mental note to thank the elves.

"Where is this dimension located?"

"Not a clue. The night sky is totally different than the one over us now. It's cloudless and dreary during the day. At night things fly about in the dark that I can only imagine, want to do me harm."

"Where do you spend your nights?"

"The elves found a cave for me. After checking it they helped me build a wind block and a secure door. I collect wood during the day and burn it inside at night. Water trickles in the back of the cave. The elves have brought cast iron pots and pans that I use to cook in and gather water."

"If I can locate this dimension then I can write about it; changing the weather and creatures that wander its barren landscape. I wonder if there's anything in your father's room that might shed some light."

"The old goat did have a cabinet filled with his things. Problem is that it's magic spelled shut. Cynthia and I couldn't open it."

"I'll check it out...say how did you send your cat through the portal?"

"You mean Bast? She's still with me. She keeps me company. If it weren't for her I'd have gone crazy."

"Huh, still with you...then who is this other feline that Cynthia recognizes and calls Bast? Oh my, could it be the cat that I wrote into all of my books, Bast? Bast has magical powers, because she is the offspring of the ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet. It made sense; I created Bast in my normal dimension. My mind raced, I can use her to undo the spell on Cindy's father's bookcase. "I believe that I have a solution to opening your father's bookcase." Cindy smiled.

"Cindy, how is it that you can visit here without the use of a portal?"

"I use the portal. It's still open at my end and closed at yours. Only my spiritual body can make the trip. My physical body is sleeping behind the locked door of my cave. When both ends of the portal are open then I'll be able to come home.

"Did the elves tell you about your mother?"

"You know where my mother is?" I nodded my head.

"She landed on Pelta, a planet that I'll be visiting tomorrow. Jen and Company are going to introduce me to the use of magic. Once I understand its concept I'll be able to use it in my story to aid my protagonists. On the next foggy night I would like both you and Cynthia to visit me in my new home. I'll be able to bring your mother for a visit."

"Wonderful, I can't wait. Maybe you could also print out copies of your completed manuscripts and I can begin reading them."

"After you leave here are you going to visit your sister?"

"Depends on the time; I have to be back inside my body before midnight." I checked my watch.

"We have been chatting for almost two hours; still have three and a half before midnight. Cynthia has copies of my books."

"David I should go. I promise to visit you in your new dimensional house on the next foggy night." She began to fade away. I reached out my hand; too late, all I felt was an icy cold breath wrapping itself around my arm.




Verbal stories, passed from one person to another, often differ from the original with each telling.

Stories in an author's mind that are turned into books remain unchanged for eternity.


To be continued.


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The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part twelve




"They're gone, what happened to them; and those owls, why did they hoot so loudly?"

"I added the owls in my second book. They were a gift from the Greek goddesses Hera and Athena. Jen uses them to keep an eye out for Seth as he sends his troops through the Void Express. When the owls detect movement in that dimension, they warn Jen and Company by hooting; that's why everyone left in such a hurry; a fight is brewing. Funny, I don't remember writing about a fight scene yet, I might have thought of it." Cynthia nodded her head.

"You need to practice not thinking." I looked at Cynthia and she blushed. "I mean stop thinking of your story while you're inside this dimension."

"Like that'll happen. How can I put a cork in my mind? It's like tugging on Superman's cape or spitting into the wind, both produce nasty outcomes. I need to get my mind on something else like my meeting with Cindy later tonight. Turing I went to the book cases and returned with two manuscripts.

"You should take home a copy of my first two manuscripts. This'll give you a better understanding of what's taking place. I need to send you and Bast back home."

"Please tell me everything that you and my sister discuss tonight, no matter how late." I nodded and thought them home.

"Rafael, are you close?"

"Behind you Master." My heart did a flip-flop. I spun around. Rafael stood inches from my face looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

"Yes master, be quick as I have to ring the bells in ten minutes and you know how I hate to climb all of those steps." I quickly thought him back. "Yes David how may I be of service?"

"I'll be spending tonight locked in the town's library and need a meal and coffee."

"I will get it together for you now." With four hours to spare I thought myself in a bathing suit and headed to the swimming pool. I mean, what better way to clear my mind. The water was like a Mediterranean sea on a hot June day, warm and refreshing. My shoulders stretched as I propelled myself through the water. The music of Jaws came to mind, Dum Dum Dum...something scraped against my stomach; pain clouded my mind and blood traced my path in the water. A large fin appeared in front of me slowly turning around. What the hell?

The largest set of jaws that I could have imagined broached the water. I thought myself instantly on the deck of a large fishing craft; Jaws was headed directly for my small insignificant self, hardly a tender morsel for such a large shark. The ship began to rock and something rolled into my ankles knocking me to the deck. I reached out and grabbed onto an oxygen cylinder. Standing I managed to positioned it on the deck railing. Grabbing a length of rope I secured the cylinder to the railing and stood back just to the left, and thought of a sledge hammer; my right hand became heavy. Raising my arms I waited. Jaws was ten feet away and closing rapidly. The shadow of the shark loomed over me. I swung the sledge hammer as fast as I could, severing the valve from the cylinder's end. Swoosh, it propelled into the open jaws and forced the shark to abandon his snack. I thought myself back into the library. My stomach was on fire and blood seeped between my fingers. Bast, are you near? Light headiness forced me to my knees and I passed out.

Cindy, Cindy what are you doing to me? I'll do anything to save you. A rough tongue brushed across my face, my dream became a memory. My eyes opened and I held Bast away from my face.

"Bast, what's with the sandpaper treatment?" Then I remembered, the shark, my stomach, my blood. "Thank you Bast for coming to my rescue." Pulling up my clean shirt I did a double take. There were no stitches, blood or proof that a great white had slit open my stomach with his fin. I was back to normal; still skinny mind you but happy. "I can't thank you enough. Let's grab something to munch on." Purring filled the space around me as I led Bast to the kitchen. Passing a large grandfather clock I noted that I had an hour before I needed to be at the library.

Rafael met us and led Bast to her food bowl. "I am glad to see you in good health. I have your dinner and coffee ready."

"Thanks' Rafael. I'll be leaving in a few minutes after Bast has some food."

"I anticipated that she would accompany you and added food and water for her." Smiling I nodded my head.

"Bast shake a leg. Aren't you coming with me?" Purring followed me as I walked outside the house and entered my car.  Looking in the rearview mirror I watched my old house get smaller and then fade out of sight, swallowed up in the fog that was rolling in. Bast followed me into the library; Cheryl Snide was beginning her nightly routine of hurrying the last visitors out of the front door.

"Hello David, are you ready to be locked in?"

"I am. What time do you think she'll appear?"

"Anytime between now and midnight. She once told me she has to leave before the bewitching hour." I nodded my head and heard the clicking of the key in the lock. Looking around I found a table and chair and sat down. I retrieved Cindy's diary and began reading. Bast appeared on the table and curled up for a cat-nap. As I read I noticed a loud rushing sound in my ears and realized it was the sounds of silence.

"David, I'm so glad to see you again." The diary slipped from my hand and fell with a loud slap upon the table. Cindy stood in front of me...


To be Continued





 The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,

 Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit

 Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,

 Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it

-- Omar Khayyam

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The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part eleven



I led Cynthia back to the couch, patting her hand.

"I'll ask Úma what I need to do; don't worry, we'll get your mother and sister back." I stood and addressed Úma.

"Why can't I think Cynthia's mother here?'

"You could, however she would always be stuck in this house. Remember, this house is in a different dimension; not on Earth. Something for you to consider for your third book; we have taught Rachel the use of magic; she wants to take part in the fight against Seth and her husband." I looked at Úma and smiled.

"I'm beginning to understand how everything works. Her future existence rests on what I write inside this house, in my third novel." Úma nodded her head.

"Check page three-hundred and sixteen in the list of suggestions. It will tell everything that Jen and Company and the fairies of Erin have done to aid Rachel." Three-hundred and sixteen; what'd they do, write a book? No wonder it smarted when it landed in my lap.

"Sometimes I'm brutal with my character's' especially Jen, Sally and Cheryl."

"Check page four-hundred and fourteen," Jen shouted; pointing to her left arm, Sally and then Cheryl. I remembered all of the pain and anguish I inflicted upon my main characters. I had no remorse as it moved my story along.

"I've a problem with all of this and wonder if I'm capable of aiding any of you. My merest thoughts have done nothing but produce unexpected results." I pointed out Jen and suppressed a laugh. A scream of anger erupted in front of me. Jen once again sported a wooden leg and her parrot left her shoulder and flew around the room screeching, "I'm free, I'm free." I quickly thought the bird into my last novel and she disappeared from the room. Please don't ask me what I'm going to do with a parrot in my final manuscript; I haven't the foggiest—well maybe I do know, guess you'll have to wait until I write it. I thought Jen back to normal.

"See what I mean; my thoughts are uncontrollable." Purring entered my mind in a laughing manner. I brushed it off and glanced at my watch and panicked. I had less than a half hour to dash to the museum.

"I hate to leave, but I have only thirty minutes before the library closes." Úma smiled at me.

"As long as we are in this dimension with you, time stands still. When we leave and you return Cynthia to her home you will have five and a half hours before your library visit."

"In order to hone my writing skills and help you bring and end to this seven thousand year war between deities; I'll need to experience the use of your powers. This will allow me to write clearer descriptions of its use, destruction and consequences during a battle." Jen smiled at me.

"We'll be glad to take you to Pelta and let you experience first-hand the uses of the powers you've enabled us to possess. It's an awesome feeling when deadly energy flashes from your hands and strikes your intended target. The downside is the uncertainly of success or failure during a battle; this is a hard pill for me to swallow, not believing in myself, as I mentioned on page seven hundred and twenty-one." My head snapped up and i looked over the gathered crowd.

'Let me understand this better. All of you have complaints—"

"Respectful requests, not criticisms or grievances." Jen was quick to note.

I returned to my seat and picked up the heavy package. My pocket knife sliced through the string. Holding a handful of pages I quickly skimmed through them. New clothing topped the list followed closely by fast food restaurants, up-to-date movies, popcorn machines, more magical powers and a sister." My eyes screeched to a halt, a sister! Who wrote this? It was signed Jen. I looked at her and she shushed me with her finger across her mouth. Must be a secret she wants fulfilled, and not know to anyone present. I'll give this some serious thought. Jen smiled and mouthed "thank you." I forgot that she can read my mind.

'When would you like to visit Pelta and learn powers?" Bast slithered around Jen and looked at me.

"My big distraction is seeing Cindy again. Once she answers my questions then any time is all right." Purring filled my mind.

"Tomorrow night we we'll take you to Pelta via the Void Express; by the way, nice touch with that faster than light teleportation medium." I smiled at Jen. The hooting of owls filled the music room and my guests began vanishing as fast as they had arrived; Cynthia, Bast and I were the only ones in the music room. The house was quiet.







Magical powers, in the hands of loose cannons; can harm you.

Powers in an author's mind are awesome and safe.




To be continued.

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The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part ten




Wiping my mouth with my napkin I proclaimed the dessert a masterpiece of the culinary arts. Standing, I held out my hand to Cynthia. We walked to the music room and settled ourselves in the settee.

"Did I hear the name of my sister spoken between you and Úma?"

"You did. She said the Cindy told her that I was a true gentleman. When I asked her about it she told me that we have a lot of talking to do; so, we wait for their arrival."

"I believe that you posses the power to bring her back into our world. I only wish to know if she's safe. I miss her so much." She shook her head and laughter snorted out of my nose. Colors flew off of her hair. Her eyes opened wide and she laughed, pointing to my head.

"Now I understand what Úma did when she placed her hands on our heads."

"You mean that colors are trailing behind my head every time I move it."

"Yes; isn't it wonderful? I feel so happy and relaxed."

"Coffee is served," Raphael entered the room carrying a large silver tray filled with coffee and cups. He placed it on the round marble topped table in front of the fireplace. "I have regular coffee, Cappuccino and Espresso. Which would you prefer?" I turned to Cynthia—and smiled.

"I would like a cup of Espresso and another of Cappuccino, two sugars please." My eyes arched because that's what I was thinking of ordering.

"I'll have what the lady just ordered, no sugar." Now it was Cynthia's time to smile.

 I like my Cappuccino strong. After drinking a quarter of the cup, I poured in the demitasse of Espresso and stirred it. Perfect. Looking up I was amazed to discover all of the other chairs and sofas filled with smiling faces, each with a hot mug of their choosing. Jen and company, Michelin and Clancy, and Perseus sat opposite Cynthia and me. King Lugus and his bride sat on the French Love Seat to our left and Úma sat to my immediate right accompanied by hundreds of the wee folk. This is gonna be a powwow to remember. Jen smiled at me and stood; walking to the space between the two settees.

"We've a lot to discuss and time is short. Have you heard of the alien invasion against the United States?" I nodded my head.

"I remember reading an article in our town's local newspaper and passed it off as fanciful. Are you telling me that what I've written about is now reality?" Jen finished her coffee and placed the cup on the round table.

"Yep, it's as real as your vivid imagination allows. You've brought all of us," her hand sweep around the room, "to life in an alternate reality. Call it a parallel universe, but the fact remains, that whenever you write a single page our adventure follows your every word. We've put together a list of suggestions." Her hand shot out and a large package landed heavily on my lap.

Ouch, that'll leave a mark. "What've you got in here–bricks?" I removed the offending box and placed it on the floor. She just grinned at me and I'll bet she's enjoying this, isn't she? A wooden leg might teach her a lesson. And there she stood, and eye-patch covered her left eye, she had one normal leg and the other one was wooden. A green parrot screeched from her right shoulder.Opps; I quickly thought her back. Sally and Cheryl clung to each other, laughing and pointing to Jen.

"Yes, and that's the reason where're gathered together, to explain your powers to you and tell you what you can and shouldn't do with them. Your title is David—Ink Pen—the word that commands." Her voice rose. "However, it's not to be taken lightly. With power comes responsibility. Like my medallion, there're two sides to your ability. One side exists when you are outside of this house and the other happens here, inside this dimension.

"I wanted to thank you for this unbelievable gift."

"Thank the goddess Neith, she's the one who commanded that it be built and made available for your continuous use. She drew upon all of your wishes and dreams to make it a place you would be familiar with and happy to live in." Thank you Neith; I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm grateful for your gift. Purring entered my mind.

"David," my head lifted and Jen occupied my vision again. "When you're outside of your new dimensional home and you put word to paper it will affect those around you. In short, things will happen in your world. When you're inside your home all you need to do is think of something and it will happen here or in another universe/dimension. Cindy is trapped in a black dimension and needs your help in returning."

"How do I find out what is needed to return her?"

"You must speak to her in the library. She'll answer all of your questions. Cindy is powerless to help herself and needs you to bring her back. This may not happen today or even a year from now. Remember, there's a fine connection between what you write about your characters in the Darkside of the Medallion and Cindy's personal hell." My mouth fell open.

"Personal hell? Is Cindy in grave danger, sick or worse?" Úma walked over to Jen and whispered in her ear. Jen nodded and stepped back.

"The wee folk of Erin are gifted with being able to visit all of the dimensions including the black ones. Unfortunately we have no powers in the black ones, ó fer sure we can still come and go just not perform any magic in that cursed area. On one visit to the seventeenth dimension some of me wee folk chanced upon Cindy and her cat. They have been bringing her food and other comforts every time they visit that place.

"The place is controlled by her father, Dressa the Black. He is a Ganallie, a purveyor in the dark arts and was trapped on your earth for many hundreds of years. Then he discovered a way to make a portal and thinking that it was connected to his home world of Asgoguard in the Pippard Galaxy, he tricked his wife through first. She landed instead, in the Ardellon galaxy on Pelta in the Udorn city of Nacht.  When Seth destroyed most of the Udorn cities many causalities and injuries occurred including Dressa's wife, Rachel." Cynthia stood.

"My mother is injured and living on an alien planet!" Tears welled in her eyes and her voice wavered. " we bring her back?"



If you're successful at one thing in your life—pass it on.

You'll be rewarded a hundredfold with friendships that last a lifetime.







To be continued

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The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part nine


Utter Chaos


The view from my end of the table was utter chaos. Streams of colors filled the room up to the chapel ceiling. Looking at all of the grinning faces sitting around the table, the word dwarfs rose to the top of my creature description list. No, these have to be the fairies that I wrote about in my third manuscript. Swinging my head to the right I saw King Lugus and his bride, Queen Aine. The queen was more beautiful than my written description and I made a mental note to upgrade her beauty in my manuscript. Her dress was made from the finest spun gold thread; the sleeves, hemline and high collar were covered in deep green stitching depicting traveling vines containing flowers of every type and size. The slightest movement of her yellow hair was followed by a trail of colors and her eyes were the vivid hue of Robin eggs.

The King looked exactly as I described him. His eyes were bloodshot and his clothing, fine as they were, looked like he had just lost a fight with the Tasmanian devil. His white beard proudly displayed red stains from too many mugs of wine that missed his mouth. However, his eyes that danced and sparkled made me happy. I nodded my head in his direction. The sound of a knife striking a glass brought me out of my surprised state of mind. Silence ensued in the vast room, even the trails of color froze in mid flight. The queen stood and faced me. She raised her wine glass.

"To David Ferretti, Ink-Pen. We thank ya for offering to share this fine feast with the fairies of Erin." The sound of a hundred Sidhe lifting their glasses and screaming, "To David," was deafening. I felt so small and alone. I mean, I was the only human on my side. The others were Narkins and fairies; no, something was missing. My head shot up and I looked around the table. I found them on my left side, Isis, and Meres, Ardella, the Virgin Warrior Queen and Dianna, The Huntress. To their right sat Michaleen and Clancy. Inwardly I laughed because I had so much fun writing their descriptions and dialogue. Perseus sat to Clancy's left. He was the Commander of Isis' army. Isis' long red hair reminded me of Cindy. She smiled at me and leaned closer; a trail of colours outlined her movements.

"We need to talk after eating." Her voice was soft and I nodded my head and smiled back. She is so beautiful. Maybe I should tone her down, give her an eye-patch or wooden leg; nixes, if it isn't broken don't mess with it. Narkins began placing food in front of the guests while another group of Narkins followed behind filling the water and wine glasses.

 King Lucas must have had a hollow leg because no sooner did he touch his drink to his lips, he was waiving his empty glass high in the air yelling for more wine to quench his dryness. Lively Irish music sprang up, drowning out the king's bellowing, and step dancers appeared around the table. To me it sounded more like energetic floor tapping followed by loud shuffling, but what do I know.

I wish Cynthia and Bast were here.   

"David, is this where you live?" I dropped my fork and looked to the left; my eyes bulged, Cynthia sat next to me and my heart screamed for Cindy. Bast jumped upon the table, sat next to me and began purring. A few seconds later my mind cleared and I felt like I just came from the massage parlor.

"Just something that Bast dug up, like it?"

"Love it is more like it. That pool is fantastic, if only I had my bathing suit." It was only a brief don't go blaming me for one teensy weensy idea—Cynthia sat next to me in a two piece bikini that would have made a Victoria Secrets model blush. My breath stopped, eyes opened wider than I thought possible and my heart beat the cadence of a Jitterbug across my chest.

The room became deathly silent—all eyes zeroed in on the front of the table. Quickly thinking, I changed her attire, now why did I think of an Eskimo? She was smothered in seal sin and furs. I remembered another of my manuscripts...Cindy now wore a beautiful black evening gown, black stockings and heels. Over her left shoulder was a thin pleated section that went down the dress and then slid behind the back and trailed a short distance over her right shoulder. This section shimmered iridescent red. Laughter and chatter once again filled the hall.

If I told you that the dinner passed in silence, it would be a lie. Loud belches filled the hall, fairies were cleaning heir mouth with their sleeves and many spit food on the floor if it disagreed with them. The only ones with manners were the wee folk and the humans. I looked at Jen and company (that's what they're called in my novels) Meres looked at me and mouthed.

"I know something about you that you don't." She smiled at me. I wrote Meres into book three, she is a Seer, and can farsee into the future. Showing off is more like it, but I had to admit—it aroused my curiosity. I waved at Rafael and told him Cynthia I would take our coffee and whatever Jen and Company drank in the music room.

"Cynthia and I need to talk with them, away from the noise." The purring of Bast filled the empty space between my ears. Something caught my eye. Traveling down the long table was a small streak of color. It deftly avoided each of the twenty tall silver candle sticks spaced down the table's center and stopped by my right side. Another seat magically appeared next to mine. I held out my hand but couldn't capture it; before my eyes this small dot of color changed into a full grown woman.

"My name is Úma. I am the queen of the wee folk and it be me honor to meet ya." Her gown was gold in color with the material cascading downward in front like water lapping gently against a beach. Around her shoulders was the finest silk sleeved cape that I've ever seen. Wee folk clung to the material; causing it to shimmer and shine as she walked. Pushing back my chair I stood and pulled her chair out.

"I am honored to meet ya. Your hair is like the fairest yellow of the sun, on a new summer solstice and your eyes sparkle with the color of Erin. Please sit."

"Ye be all that Cindy told us, a true gentleman." Wee folk streamed toward the three of us, tying ribbons of color in our hair. Úma placed her hands on my head, stood and did the same to Cynthia.

"I have given ye a gift that will only manifest when ye be in the presence of the fairies of Erin. It's much fun." My mind finally caught up with me.

"Did you mention that Cindy spoke to you about me?"

"Yes, after dessert we have a lot of talking to do."



To use magic to win a victory—awesome!

To win a victory without the use of force—brilliant.


To be continued.

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The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part eight


Chandeliers hung in my living room, my living room? Not small mind you, but full six foot diameter crystal cut glass ones. Stepping into the hallway I noted large twin stairways leading to the upper floors; I'd explore the wonders above later. I walked down the long hallway and slid open the doors to the music room; déjà vu. The fireplace must have been six feet wide and the paintings on the wall; well let's say they would be a proud addition to the Louvre.

Wait, I moved closer to a larger than life painting of Lady Liberty leading the Parisians to victory. My eyes bulged; Lady Liberty's face was Cindy's and the man standing to her right wearing a tall hat and holding a musket was me! A black cat with angry red eyes walked next to Lady Liberty. The small brass plate proclaimed it a painting by Eugene Delacroix, 1850. That cat looks suspiciously like Bast.

The rest of the house looked Late Victorian with many modern day improvements, such as a swimming pool that began inside the rear of the house and extended into the back yard. And then I discovered something unbelievable. Stepping outside the front doors, I turned around and saw my old house. Walking back inside I was once again in splendor. My new house exists in another dimension!

I figured that I should write back my old house, but what the heck, the new one was what I'd dreamed of all of my life. Yes I'll keep it. Did I mention the game room or the library and that the kitchen was stocked to the ceiling with real food, not frozen TV dinner mind you! I pinched my arm to remind me to thank Bast. That night I collapsed on the large canopied bed that floated above the floor. Staring out of the window I watched stars from a distant galaxy; far different than the Tennessee night sky I was used to. You ask what I thought about all of the strange happenings in my life. As I stated before; I'm a fantasy writer and accept the impossible as reality; at least I believe in the impossible.

Sitting behind the large walnut desk in the library, I stared at a blank sheet of paper; thinking of questions I would ask Cindy latter tonight. A soft "pop" sounded to my right; my eyes scanned the area. Nothing was out of place; then I noticed it. A large paper envelope lay next to my right elbow.

Reaching over I picked it up. The handwriting was feminine and simply stated that I should ghostwrite the manuscript for the entire world to read. "I'll let you pick a proper name for it, If you help me I'll help you and..." the letters trailed off. It was signed Jennifer Lynn Standford. A cat's paw print covered the bottom half of her signature; like old document seals of times past.

A meow sounded in my mind and I looked around, no Bast was visible. I bet that she's telling me to finish bringing Cindy back then look over the manuscript. Picking up my pencil I began making a list of questions. The pencil dropped to the desk and my hands covered my ears. Loud purring filled my head; driving me crazy.

"Bast, thank you for my wonderful-house; please stop your loud purring, I need to concentrate on questions to ask Cindy." The loud noise inside my mind suddenly ceased and I resumed my task; the manuscript forgotten for now.

My question list was short nevertheless the answers would take me leagues down the path to bring Cindy back. Looking at my watch I discovered that it was approaching twelve noon; my tummy rumbled. A knock at the library room door almost caused my heart to stop. A voice spoke my name.

"Master David, lunch is served in the dining room."

Who's this nutcase? I got up and approached the door. "Who are you and why are you in my house?" My hand turned the doorknob and opened it. Standing in front of me was a seven foot metal man dressed in a proper butler's uniform. My heart drummed a dirge across my chest and I felt light headed.

"Master David I am a Narkin, your protector, teacher and your personal butler in charge of your household staff. My name is Nartasedellian.

"Narta who," blurted out of my mouth. By this time the cadence turned into a requiem, complete with coffin bearers leading a silent group of people toward the cemetery. That name has got to be changed into something that I can remember. "Can I call you Narta or." My eyes zoomed in on a large painting by Rafael, an Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance period. "Rafael? Your real name is too hard for me to pronounce."

"Rafael, God's Archangel of healing, Rafael it is." He didn't smile, only winked an eye at me. I followed Rafael down the hallway to the dining room. Something smelled wonderful.  

 Entering the room I stopped abruptly; later I had to think about why I froze. Was it the large number of Narkins, setting the hundred foot long Chippendale table or maybe it was the Sistine Chappell ceiling, complete with all of the frescoes and paintings, supported on the shoulders of Greek columns? This house of mine is huge! Rafael continued walking to the far end of the table, and pulled out an ornate chair. I hurried to catch up with him. Soft purring entered my mind. Thank you Bast.

"Rafael, why am I the only person eating yet the other ninety-nine places, have china, cutlery and glasses?"

"They are for any guests that you want to join you."

"I wished I had that many friends; my blog only has thirty-one followers so that's out." My mind recalled the last book in my trilogy. I wrote a party scene celebrating the capture of Bone Crusher, the King of the Pookas and the eight hundredth birthday of the King of the Fairies of Ireland, King Lugus. I'd be a hoot if they were here. Purring filled my mind and the seats began filling up around the table. What have I done? The sounds of gaiety and unrestrained laughter filled my Sistine Chapel.




Ink-Hearts read actions and they happened.

Ink-Pen's words cause actions in another universe.

SOON—The Adventure of Edwin D Ferretti III, Author


To be continued.