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An air of excitement surrounds the Standford family house. Jen's twenty first birthday party, was yesterday; today she celebrates her special day and tomorrow graduates as an archeologist in ancient Egyptian studies. Later that day she leaves for Egypt to join her uncle's dig site at a First Dynasty mortuary temple and mastaba tomb. She carries with her two birthday gifts that her grandfather gave her; one that cures all of her ailments and leads her, and her four friends with secrets, to another galaxy where ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses teach them how to fight their battles for them. Beguiled with their success at learning magical powers they soon find themselves in a deadly war between the indigenous ancient races on the planet and aliens under the cruel iron-fist of Seth, the ancient god of chaos and evil; and the other gift, might save her life, if she can figure out how to use it in time.

Seth's goal is to usurp the Supreme Deity. Jen's purpose is to prevent that from happening, even if she has to wager her eternal soul. But first she has to overcome her principles against killing an enemy, even if they are trying to eliminate her.

Did I mention the protector sent by the gods that she named Bast, or the intelligent seven foot Narkin named Michael and the dragons; whose side are they on?