Friday, February 19, 2010

As I see it (News from Nebraska and other wonderful places).

Today’s post covers several topics of interest for the writer community. Have you ever wondered what genres agents want now; and their ranking on bookseller’s shelves? Can you use a spreadsheet database filled with book sales and agent information going back to 2004? If the answer to either / both questions is yes, then read further.

The Knight Agency recently wrote an article titled What’s Hot and What’s Not. Follow the link to sign up for their newsletter and then you can read the full article. Hint Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction and Futuristic Romance ranked number five. Five, you cry in dismay. I agree that is a low number, or is it?

The following link will lead you to a spreadsheet filled with information such as book title, genre, author, agent, editor, publishing house and agent’s literary agency. If you click on some of the input boxes, example, literary agency, you will be directed to that site. If the link does not work, copy and paste it into your browser. Here is a wealth of information especially the 2009 and 2010 pages.

The last good news I found is to tell you that Kristin Nelson, from the Nelson Literary Agency, has put out the call for submissions. The information, with links to the Nelson Literary Agency, is here. This site belongs to Molli Nickell, who is a former publisher. In her own words:

Hello everybody,

I'm a "former" publisher. After 11 years in the biz I decided to leave on my own instead of waiting to check out in a box or a straight jacket. Now I'm a publishing consultant, helping writers of all genre take the next step and get themselves published. My web site helps writers create the marketing docs they need in order to get published. These include the query and cover letters, synopsis, first pages etc. For a limited time, I'm offering FREE evaluation of query letters. I am looking forward to meeting some of you.
Molli Nickell .

If you are not following her free blog, why not. She offers a free ebook on writing query letters.

That is the news as I see it from cold, snow covered west Nebraska.

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