Friday, December 31, 2010


This past year has seen many changes in the publishing community such as a tightening of the belt in the numbers of novels agented and advances that authors dreamed of getting smaller and smaller every day. Now an author must step up and make his/her presence known to the readers, touting their book(s), drawing in customers and driving sales (building platforms is crucial to a published author’s success). We have also seen many authors who believe in their work go the self-published route.

Self-published authors are increasing in number every month. When I took up the call to be a published author I read that agents would not count any self-published novel as a plus in a query letter. Even the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) contest excluded self-published novels. The self-published novel has come full circle and is now included in the ABNA and other contests throughout the year.

Many authors have turned to publishing their material in eBook format. This is a bold move because digital books are taking off in total sales. They are driving a publishers bottom line and in many cases saving a company from going into the red. We live in exciting times and I ask you are you ready to meet the challenge of becoming either an agented or a self-published author?


  1. Happy New Year David!

    May the outcome be favorable with your agent hence enabling you to harvest the fruits of your labor.

  2. Thank you Wendy,

    I do not have an agent yet. However, she still has my full. I am not waisting time on waiting for an answer. I am making use of this time to write on my second book; one that I am enjoying as much as the first. I also have begun to write down a rough outline for the final book in the trilogy.

    Have you had any nibbles on your novel?