Thursday, September 19, 2013


The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

It was only four thirty in the evening and the fog lay heavy in Chattertown. I trudged down Main Street headed for Vick's Cafe for a warm cup of coffee, and to eavesdrop on conversations, dialects and character gestures. That's what I do. I'm a writer and take my inspiration from the locals in this quaint southern Tennessee town.

A figure lurched out of the grey vapor in front of me, we exchanged glances and then he was gone. Jake Hammer. He was hammered all right probably got tossed out of Pake's Bar and Grill and on his way home. Last week our local Sheriff, Tom Cranston, found him in Tinker Bell Park, curled up on a bench. If he'd taken a right instead of a left he would have walked into his front door.

A cool breeze pulsed down Main Street and I zipped up my jacked. And that's when I caught a view that made my pulse beat faster; the bottom of a red dress clinging tightly to a pair of legs sheathed in black that would turn a crazy man sane. The fog hid the rest of her features and my mind went into overload thinking of the possibilities. Who is this amazing creature? Why haven't I seen her before or am I dreaming? Can I use her in my next book? After pinching myself I realized that the vision was real.

My heart drummed a loud cadence on my chest and I quickly sidestepped closer to the storefronts; not wanting to share this experience with anyone. I stood on the corner of Divine and Main . Vick's Cafe was on the opposite side of the street. Stepping off the curb I heard a soft sexy voice ahead of me say—

"Soon, how long is soon?" As I drew closer to the cafe gorgeous came into view—wow! Long curly red hair tumbled down both sides of her face and back; her deep green eyes sparkled and laughed at me. Tall and slender she was—with curves in all the right places. The red dress was cut deep in the front dropping down to her black stocking covered legs terminating in a sexy pair of red heels. I immediately named it the Aphrodite dress; one that hinted at and at the same time hid her sexuality. Her right arm raised and pointed at me.

"Soon, how long is soon. I must know." Her voice sounded a thousand miles away.

"Soon," I repeated.

"You are Edwin D Ferretti the third, author of The Darkside of the Medallion, aren't You?"

"Guilty as charged." I answered. "What do you mean by soon?"

"I want a copy and all you say on your blog is it will be available soon." I breathed a sigh of relief and managed a weak smile.

"The book is at the publishers and they are converting it to different formats for everyone who owns an eBook reader, computer, tablet or smart phone to be able to enjoy it. Once they send me a proof copy and I approve it they'll send it to Amazon and the other major book distributors. You know my name what's yours?" She brushed off my question just as easy as swatting a fly off her arm.

"Everything you mentioned is oblong not curved. I live in a cul-de-sac. Will I never be able to read you masterpiece?"

Cul-de-sac and curved It made some weird and wonderful sense to me. This woman was like a twisted sister, one that I could spend eternity plus a day with. "If you own a computer you can order it at Amazon dot com. If not, then after it's published I'll print off a copy for you. She smiled, turned and vanished back into the fog. "Hey, what's your name?" I yelled into the mist. I strained my ears but only heard a dull cadence. With strength of mind I pushed open the door and entered Vick's Bar. Vick walked up to me.

"Hi David, are you all right?"

"What do you mean Vick?"

I was looking out the window and saw you with your back to the door talking to the fog."

"I was speaking to the most beautiful and sexy woman that I've ever seen." Vick stopped for a minute then looked me in the face.

"Long red hair, red dress, black stockings and red heels." I nodded my head; the drum in my chest beat faster.

"What's her name? I must meet her again."

"Her name is Cindy Crawl. She was our local librarian. One day about seven years ago she failed to show up for work. The Sheriff' looked for her for over a year then placed her file in the cold case drawer. Several of our towns' people claimed that they saw and spoke to her then she vanished before their eyes."

"I'll have a cup of your darkest coffee; something I need to think about. Cindy Crawl, I spoke to her then she vanished. Where will this story lead me? I took out my notebook and pencil and began taking notes.


If I had known how hard it was to edit my book,

I would have done that first, and then written it.







To be continued.















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