Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great Forum from Nathan Bransford

One week ago, I sent a question to Literary Agent Nathan Bransford. The question dealt with linking together two stand-alone novels in a series. I was surprised when he answered me with- Thank you very much for your question. I recently launched discussion forums on my website, and I have a dedicated thread for questions that people haven't been able to find an answer for on my blog: .

I checked it out and found a wealth of information in each of the forums. Here is a list of forums and topics covered:

• Town Hall
New member introductions, suggestions for the Forums, and questions about posting.

• All Things Writing
The writing process, writing advice, and updates on your work in progress

• All Things Books
Recommendations, discussions, and odes to your favourites.

• All Things Feedback
Query critiques, first pages, and sharing your work.

• All Things Finding An Agent
Submission protocol, the road to publication, and questions for your resident agent

• All Things Publishing
News, trends, and the future of publishing.

• All Things Procrastination
Because that novel isn't going to delay itself.

I see great opportunities to improve our writing on the internet. This one speaks volums.


  1. I think Nathan Bransford, is one of the nicest agents out there.

    If you want to hear an inspirational tale, swing by my blog. It's well worth the read.

  2. Hi Wendy
    Guess what I am doing now...thanks.

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