Friday, May 28, 2010

TK Richardson's blog party is in full swing

I want to remind all readers that TK Richardson’s bookReturn the Heart—will be out in the stores in June of this year. To celebrate this awesome event, TK is hosting a blog-party at her site, this Friday. In her own words (see how clever I was to save typing many words):

That's right! It's almost time for the release of my novel RETURN THE HEART! And in anticipation of that I will be hosting an awesome blog party along with some great giveaways.

Invite your friends and spread the news 'cause this will be fun!

Starting on Friday May 28, I will be giving away a goodie filled prize pack - all you have to do is show up here leave a comment and your name will be in the drawing to receive the prize.

But that's not all.

It starts all over again on Monday. And on Wednesday and again on Friday. Yes, that's right - 4 awesome prize packs to give away. WOOT!

Want to know what they are?!?! Well come back on Friday, bring a friend and you'll see!

I am there…Oh darn, I popped my balloon. See you there.


  1. David, thanks for spreading the news! And your sword fighting skills are unmatched.:) Sorry about your balloon - we have plenty of others to go around!! Thanks for coming to my blog party. :)

  2. You are welcome TK. Friends and writers are supposed to support each other. I wish you all the success with your book.