Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get your query letter critiqued and watch the video.

Ms. Marla Miller is offering to comment on your query letter free (what’s not to like about free). She works for the Writer Magazine and has several query critiques online. I watched the video (link below) and was impressed. Sooo I polished up my query letter and submitted it. She responded within the hour and said mine would be number two. Below is the blurb from the Writer Magazine eZine.

Speaking of learning opportunities: The first post in our new monthly video column "Critique My Query" is up on our website. Writer and marketing guru Marla Miller breaks down a query letter for a novel called Amy's Own. You can submit your own query letter to Marla by following the instructions after the article.

Check out the relater five-part query links at the bottom of the page. If you ever wanted feedback on your query letter this is an excellent time because Ms. Miller is actively seeking queries to meet her goal of two videos a week review.