Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to write a novel

This is Paul. I found him outside my granary, panting heavely under a 100 degree sky.
A trip to the vet resulted in three casts.
Two for broken legs and one for a damaged knee.
He is doing fine. The knee cast is gone and only a few more weeks
until the other two casts are removed.

Even though I consider myself, a dedicated and passionate writer, there is always something new to learn about my craft. Nathan Bransford has a wonderful and informative take on HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL. Check out his six step approach to writing a novel. Does your novel’s setting have change underway, personality and unfamiliarity?


  1. What a heart-wrenching photograph. Poor little cat.

    I'm glad he came knocking on your door not someone else who probably wouldn't have gone to the trouble or the expense of taking him to the vet.

  2. Hello aka Quilfeather

    It is nice to hear from you again. I am also relieved to hear you survived the massive earthquake. Paul and I have bonded closely and I have learned some writing advice from him—never give up. In other words if you have a dream keep at it until it comes true.