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The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part eleven



I led Cynthia back to the couch, patting her hand.

"I'll ask Úma what I need to do; don't worry, we'll get your mother and sister back." I stood and addressed Úma.

"Why can't I think Cynthia's mother here?'

"You could, however she would always be stuck in this house. Remember, this house is in a different dimension; not on Earth. Something for you to consider for your third book; we have taught Rachel the use of magic; she wants to take part in the fight against Seth and her husband." I looked at Úma and smiled.

"I'm beginning to understand how everything works. Her future existence rests on what I write inside this house, in my third novel." Úma nodded her head.

"Check page three-hundred and sixteen in the list of suggestions. It will tell everything that Jen and Company and the fairies of Erin have done to aid Rachel." Three-hundred and sixteen; what'd they do, write a book? No wonder it smarted when it landed in my lap.

"Sometimes I'm brutal with my character's' especially Jen, Sally and Cheryl."

"Check page four-hundred and fourteen," Jen shouted; pointing to her left arm, Sally and then Cheryl. I remembered all of the pain and anguish I inflicted upon my main characters. I had no remorse as it moved my story along.

"I've a problem with all of this and wonder if I'm capable of aiding any of you. My merest thoughts have done nothing but produce unexpected results." I pointed out Jen and suppressed a laugh. A scream of anger erupted in front of me. Jen once again sported a wooden leg and her parrot left her shoulder and flew around the room screeching, "I'm free, I'm free." I quickly thought the bird into my last novel and she disappeared from the room. Please don't ask me what I'm going to do with a parrot in my final manuscript; I haven't the foggiest—well maybe I do know, guess you'll have to wait until I write it. I thought Jen back to normal.

"See what I mean; my thoughts are uncontrollable." Purring entered my mind in a laughing manner. I brushed it off and glanced at my watch and panicked. I had less than a half hour to dash to the museum.

"I hate to leave, but I have only thirty minutes before the library closes." Úma smiled at me.

"As long as we are in this dimension with you, time stands still. When we leave and you return Cynthia to her home you will have five and a half hours before your library visit."

"In order to hone my writing skills and help you bring and end to this seven thousand year war between deities; I'll need to experience the use of your powers. This will allow me to write clearer descriptions of its use, destruction and consequences during a battle." Jen smiled at me.

"We'll be glad to take you to Pelta and let you experience first-hand the uses of the powers you've enabled us to possess. It's an awesome feeling when deadly energy flashes from your hands and strikes your intended target. The downside is the uncertainly of success or failure during a battle; this is a hard pill for me to swallow, not believing in myself, as I mentioned on page seven hundred and twenty-one." My head snapped up and i looked over the gathered crowd.

'Let me understand this better. All of you have complaints—"

"Respectful requests, not criticisms or grievances." Jen was quick to note.

I returned to my seat and picked up the heavy package. My pocket knife sliced through the string. Holding a handful of pages I quickly skimmed through them. New clothing topped the list followed closely by fast food restaurants, up-to-date movies, popcorn machines, more magical powers and a sister." My eyes screeched to a halt, a sister! Who wrote this? It was signed Jen. I looked at her and she shushed me with her finger across her mouth. Must be a secret she wants fulfilled, and not know to anyone present. I'll give this some serious thought. Jen smiled and mouthed "thank you." I forgot that she can read my mind.

'When would you like to visit Pelta and learn powers?" Bast slithered around Jen and looked at me.

"My big distraction is seeing Cindy again. Once she answers my questions then any time is all right." Purring filled my mind.

"Tomorrow night we we'll take you to Pelta via the Void Express; by the way, nice touch with that faster than light teleportation medium." I smiled at Jen. The hooting of owls filled the music room and my guests began vanishing as fast as they had arrived; Cynthia, Bast and I were the only ones in the music room. The house was quiet.







Magical powers, in the hands of loose cannons; can harm you.

Powers in an author's mind are awesome and safe.




To be continued.

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