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The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part ten




Wiping my mouth with my napkin I proclaimed the dessert a masterpiece of the culinary arts. Standing, I held out my hand to Cynthia. We walked to the music room and settled ourselves in the settee.

"Did I hear the name of my sister spoken between you and Úma?"

"You did. She said the Cindy told her that I was a true gentleman. When I asked her about it she told me that we have a lot of talking to do; so, we wait for their arrival."

"I believe that you posses the power to bring her back into our world. I only wish to know if she's safe. I miss her so much." She shook her head and laughter snorted out of my nose. Colors flew off of her hair. Her eyes opened wide and she laughed, pointing to my head.

"Now I understand what Úma did when she placed her hands on our heads."

"You mean that colors are trailing behind my head every time I move it."

"Yes; isn't it wonderful? I feel so happy and relaxed."

"Coffee is served," Raphael entered the room carrying a large silver tray filled with coffee and cups. He placed it on the round marble topped table in front of the fireplace. "I have regular coffee, Cappuccino and Espresso. Which would you prefer?" I turned to Cynthia—and smiled.

"I would like a cup of Espresso and another of Cappuccino, two sugars please." My eyes arched because that's what I was thinking of ordering.

"I'll have what the lady just ordered, no sugar." Now it was Cynthia's time to smile.

 I like my Cappuccino strong. After drinking a quarter of the cup, I poured in the demitasse of Espresso and stirred it. Perfect. Looking up I was amazed to discover all of the other chairs and sofas filled with smiling faces, each with a hot mug of their choosing. Jen and company, Michelin and Clancy, and Perseus sat opposite Cynthia and me. King Lugus and his bride sat on the French Love Seat to our left and Úma sat to my immediate right accompanied by hundreds of the wee folk. This is gonna be a powwow to remember. Jen smiled at me and stood; walking to the space between the two settees.

"We've a lot to discuss and time is short. Have you heard of the alien invasion against the United States?" I nodded my head.

"I remember reading an article in our town's local newspaper and passed it off as fanciful. Are you telling me that what I've written about is now reality?" Jen finished her coffee and placed the cup on the round table.

"Yep, it's as real as your vivid imagination allows. You've brought all of us," her hand sweep around the room, "to life in an alternate reality. Call it a parallel universe, but the fact remains, that whenever you write a single page our adventure follows your every word. We've put together a list of suggestions." Her hand shot out and a large package landed heavily on my lap.

Ouch, that'll leave a mark. "What've you got in here–bricks?" I removed the offending box and placed it on the floor. She just grinned at me and I'll bet she's enjoying this, isn't she? A wooden leg might teach her a lesson. And there she stood, and eye-patch covered her left eye, she had one normal leg and the other one was wooden. A green parrot screeched from her right shoulder.Opps; I quickly thought her back. Sally and Cheryl clung to each other, laughing and pointing to Jen.

"Yes, and that's the reason where're gathered together, to explain your powers to you and tell you what you can and shouldn't do with them. Your title is David—Ink Pen—the word that commands." Her voice rose. "However, it's not to be taken lightly. With power comes responsibility. Like my medallion, there're two sides to your ability. One side exists when you are outside of this house and the other happens here, inside this dimension.

"I wanted to thank you for this unbelievable gift."

"Thank the goddess Neith, she's the one who commanded that it be built and made available for your continuous use. She drew upon all of your wishes and dreams to make it a place you would be familiar with and happy to live in." Thank you Neith; I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm grateful for your gift. Purring entered my mind.

"David," my head lifted and Jen occupied my vision again. "When you're outside of your new dimensional home and you put word to paper it will affect those around you. In short, things will happen in your world. When you're inside your home all you need to do is think of something and it will happen here or in another universe/dimension. Cindy is trapped in a black dimension and needs your help in returning."

"How do I find out what is needed to return her?"

"You must speak to her in the library. She'll answer all of your questions. Cindy is powerless to help herself and needs you to bring her back. This may not happen today or even a year from now. Remember, there's a fine connection between what you write about your characters in the Darkside of the Medallion and Cindy's personal hell." My mouth fell open.

"Personal hell? Is Cindy in grave danger, sick or worse?" Úma walked over to Jen and whispered in her ear. Jen nodded and stepped back.

"The wee folk of Erin are gifted with being able to visit all of the dimensions including the black ones. Unfortunately we have no powers in the black ones, ó fer sure we can still come and go just not perform any magic in that cursed area. On one visit to the seventeenth dimension some of me wee folk chanced upon Cindy and her cat. They have been bringing her food and other comforts every time they visit that place.

"The place is controlled by her father, Dressa the Black. He is a Ganallie, a purveyor in the dark arts and was trapped on your earth for many hundreds of years. Then he discovered a way to make a portal and thinking that it was connected to his home world of Asgoguard in the Pippard Galaxy, he tricked his wife through first. She landed instead, in the Ardellon galaxy on Pelta in the Udorn city of Nacht.  When Seth destroyed most of the Udorn cities many causalities and injuries occurred including Dressa's wife, Rachel." Cynthia stood.

"My mother is injured and living on an alien planet!" Tears welled in her eyes and her voice wavered. " we bring her back?"



If you're successful at one thing in your life—pass it on.

You'll be rewarded a hundredfold with friendships that last a lifetime.







To be continued

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