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The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part eight


Chandeliers hung in my living room, my living room? Not small mind you, but full six foot diameter crystal cut glass ones. Stepping into the hallway I noted large twin stairways leading to the upper floors; I'd explore the wonders above later. I walked down the long hallway and slid open the doors to the music room; déjà vu. The fireplace must have been six feet wide and the paintings on the wall; well let's say they would be a proud addition to the Louvre.

Wait, I moved closer to a larger than life painting of Lady Liberty leading the Parisians to victory. My eyes bulged; Lady Liberty's face was Cindy's and the man standing to her right wearing a tall hat and holding a musket was me! A black cat with angry red eyes walked next to Lady Liberty. The small brass plate proclaimed it a painting by Eugene Delacroix, 1850. That cat looks suspiciously like Bast.

The rest of the house looked Late Victorian with many modern day improvements, such as a swimming pool that began inside the rear of the house and extended into the back yard. And then I discovered something unbelievable. Stepping outside the front doors, I turned around and saw my old house. Walking back inside I was once again in splendor. My new house exists in another dimension!

I figured that I should write back my old house, but what the heck, the new one was what I'd dreamed of all of my life. Yes I'll keep it. Did I mention the game room or the library and that the kitchen was stocked to the ceiling with real food, not frozen TV dinner mind you! I pinched my arm to remind me to thank Bast. That night I collapsed on the large canopied bed that floated above the floor. Staring out of the window I watched stars from a distant galaxy; far different than the Tennessee night sky I was used to. You ask what I thought about all of the strange happenings in my life. As I stated before; I'm a fantasy writer and accept the impossible as reality; at least I believe in the impossible.

Sitting behind the large walnut desk in the library, I stared at a blank sheet of paper; thinking of questions I would ask Cindy latter tonight. A soft "pop" sounded to my right; my eyes scanned the area. Nothing was out of place; then I noticed it. A large paper envelope lay next to my right elbow.

Reaching over I picked it up. The handwriting was feminine and simply stated that I should ghostwrite the manuscript for the entire world to read. "I'll let you pick a proper name for it, If you help me I'll help you and..." the letters trailed off. It was signed Jennifer Lynn Standford. A cat's paw print covered the bottom half of her signature; like old document seals of times past.

A meow sounded in my mind and I looked around, no Bast was visible. I bet that she's telling me to finish bringing Cindy back then look over the manuscript. Picking up my pencil I began making a list of questions. The pencil dropped to the desk and my hands covered my ears. Loud purring filled my head; driving me crazy.

"Bast, thank you for my wonderful-house; please stop your loud purring, I need to concentrate on questions to ask Cindy." The loud noise inside my mind suddenly ceased and I resumed my task; the manuscript forgotten for now.

My question list was short nevertheless the answers would take me leagues down the path to bring Cindy back. Looking at my watch I discovered that it was approaching twelve noon; my tummy rumbled. A knock at the library room door almost caused my heart to stop. A voice spoke my name.

"Master David, lunch is served in the dining room."

Who's this nutcase? I got up and approached the door. "Who are you and why are you in my house?" My hand turned the doorknob and opened it. Standing in front of me was a seven foot metal man dressed in a proper butler's uniform. My heart drummed a dirge across my chest and I felt light headed.

"Master David I am a Narkin, your protector, teacher and your personal butler in charge of your household staff. My name is Nartasedellian.

"Narta who," blurted out of my mouth. By this time the cadence turned into a requiem, complete with coffin bearers leading a silent group of people toward the cemetery. That name has got to be changed into something that I can remember. "Can I call you Narta or." My eyes zoomed in on a large painting by Rafael, an Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance period. "Rafael? Your real name is too hard for me to pronounce."

"Rafael, God's Archangel of healing, Rafael it is." He didn't smile, only winked an eye at me. I followed Rafael down the hallway to the dining room. Something smelled wonderful.  

 Entering the room I stopped abruptly; later I had to think about why I froze. Was it the large number of Narkins, setting the hundred foot long Chippendale table or maybe it was the Sistine Chappell ceiling, complete with all of the frescoes and paintings, supported on the shoulders of Greek columns? This house of mine is huge! Rafael continued walking to the far end of the table, and pulled out an ornate chair. I hurried to catch up with him. Soft purring entered my mind. Thank you Bast.

"Rafael, why am I the only person eating yet the other ninety-nine places, have china, cutlery and glasses?"

"They are for any guests that you want to join you."

"I wished I had that many friends; my blog only has thirty-one followers so that's out." My mind recalled the last book in my trilogy. I wrote a party scene celebrating the capture of Bone Crusher, the King of the Pookas and the eight hundredth birthday of the King of the Fairies of Ireland, King Lugus. I'd be a hoot if they were here. Purring filled my mind and the seats began filling up around the table. What have I done? The sounds of gaiety and unrestrained laughter filled my Sistine Chapel.




Ink-Hearts read actions and they happened.

Ink-Pen's words cause actions in another universe.

SOON—The Adventure of Edwin D Ferretti III, Author


To be continued.




  1. way to not write your old house back : ) I like where this is going. keep up the great work

    1. Hi Shawn,

      Glad that you're enjoying this. I can't tell you where this is heading so stay tuned for another chapter...when you ask...SOON.