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The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part nine


Utter Chaos


The view from my end of the table was utter chaos. Streams of colors filled the room up to the chapel ceiling. Looking at all of the grinning faces sitting around the table, the word dwarfs rose to the top of my creature description list. No, these have to be the fairies that I wrote about in my third manuscript. Swinging my head to the right I saw King Lugus and his bride, Queen Aine. The queen was more beautiful than my written description and I made a mental note to upgrade her beauty in my manuscript. Her dress was made from the finest spun gold thread; the sleeves, hemline and high collar were covered in deep green stitching depicting traveling vines containing flowers of every type and size. The slightest movement of her yellow hair was followed by a trail of colors and her eyes were the vivid hue of Robin eggs.

The King looked exactly as I described him. His eyes were bloodshot and his clothing, fine as they were, looked like he had just lost a fight with the Tasmanian devil. His white beard proudly displayed red stains from too many mugs of wine that missed his mouth. However, his eyes that danced and sparkled made me happy. I nodded my head in his direction. The sound of a knife striking a glass brought me out of my surprised state of mind. Silence ensued in the vast room, even the trails of color froze in mid flight. The queen stood and faced me. She raised her wine glass.

"To David Ferretti, Ink-Pen. We thank ya for offering to share this fine feast with the fairies of Erin." The sound of a hundred Sidhe lifting their glasses and screaming, "To David," was deafening. I felt so small and alone. I mean, I was the only human on my side. The others were Narkins and fairies; no, something was missing. My head shot up and I looked around the table. I found them on my left side, Isis, and Meres, Ardella, the Virgin Warrior Queen and Dianna, The Huntress. To their right sat Michaleen and Clancy. Inwardly I laughed because I had so much fun writing their descriptions and dialogue. Perseus sat to Clancy's left. He was the Commander of Isis' army. Isis' long red hair reminded me of Cindy. She smiled at me and leaned closer; a trail of colours outlined her movements.

"We need to talk after eating." Her voice was soft and I nodded my head and smiled back. She is so beautiful. Maybe I should tone her down, give her an eye-patch or wooden leg; nixes, if it isn't broken don't mess with it. Narkins began placing food in front of the guests while another group of Narkins followed behind filling the water and wine glasses.

 King Lucas must have had a hollow leg because no sooner did he touch his drink to his lips, he was waiving his empty glass high in the air yelling for more wine to quench his dryness. Lively Irish music sprang up, drowning out the king's bellowing, and step dancers appeared around the table. To me it sounded more like energetic floor tapping followed by loud shuffling, but what do I know.

I wish Cynthia and Bast were here.   

"David, is this where you live?" I dropped my fork and looked to the left; my eyes bulged, Cynthia sat next to me and my heart screamed for Cindy. Bast jumped upon the table, sat next to me and began purring. A few seconds later my mind cleared and I felt like I just came from the massage parlor.

"Just something that Bast dug up, like it?"

"Love it is more like it. That pool is fantastic, if only I had my bathing suit." It was only a brief don't go blaming me for one teensy weensy idea—Cynthia sat next to me in a two piece bikini that would have made a Victoria Secrets model blush. My breath stopped, eyes opened wider than I thought possible and my heart beat the cadence of a Jitterbug across my chest.

The room became deathly silent—all eyes zeroed in on the front of the table. Quickly thinking, I changed her attire, now why did I think of an Eskimo? She was smothered in seal sin and furs. I remembered another of my manuscripts...Cindy now wore a beautiful black evening gown, black stockings and heels. Over her left shoulder was a thin pleated section that went down the dress and then slid behind the back and trailed a short distance over her right shoulder. This section shimmered iridescent red. Laughter and chatter once again filled the hall.

If I told you that the dinner passed in silence, it would be a lie. Loud belches filled the hall, fairies were cleaning heir mouth with their sleeves and many spit food on the floor if it disagreed with them. The only ones with manners were the wee folk and the humans. I looked at Jen and company (that's what they're called in my novels) Meres looked at me and mouthed.

"I know something about you that you don't." She smiled at me. I wrote Meres into book three, she is a Seer, and can farsee into the future. Showing off is more like it, but I had to admit—it aroused my curiosity. I waved at Rafael and told him Cynthia I would take our coffee and whatever Jen and Company drank in the music room.

"Cynthia and I need to talk with them, away from the noise." The purring of Bast filled the empty space between my ears. Something caught my eye. Traveling down the long table was a small streak of color. It deftly avoided each of the twenty tall silver candle sticks spaced down the table's center and stopped by my right side. Another seat magically appeared next to mine. I held out my hand but couldn't capture it; before my eyes this small dot of color changed into a full grown woman.

"My name is Úma. I am the queen of the wee folk and it be me honor to meet ya." Her gown was gold in color with the material cascading downward in front like water lapping gently against a beach. Around her shoulders was the finest silk sleeved cape that I've ever seen. Wee folk clung to the material; causing it to shimmer and shine as she walked. Pushing back my chair I stood and pulled her chair out.

"I am honored to meet ya. Your hair is like the fairest yellow of the sun, on a new summer solstice and your eyes sparkle with the color of Erin. Please sit."

"Ye be all that Cindy told us, a true gentleman." Wee folk streamed toward the three of us, tying ribbons of color in our hair. Úma placed her hands on my head, stood and did the same to Cynthia.

"I have given ye a gift that will only manifest when ye be in the presence of the fairies of Erin. It's much fun." My mind finally caught up with me.

"Did you mention that Cindy spoke to you about me?"

"Yes, after dessert we have a lot of talking to do."



To use magic to win a victory—awesome!

To win a victory without the use of force—brilliant.


To be continued.

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