Monday, October 7, 2013


The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part seven


It was 5:15PM when I left Cynthia's house. My cell phone speed dialed the number that the librarian, Cheryl Snide had given me. "...yes I'll be there at six tomorrow night. Thank you." My mind was racing faster than my car; so many questions needed to be answered before I visited the library.

Entering the house I went to the living room and looked behind the couch. Lying on the floor was a DVD; that's what smacked me on the head. I reached down and picked it up. My eyes zoomed in on the title, Ink Heart. Memories stirred in my psyche and my mind's light bulb flickered a little, I'd seen this movie before; something about a book reader who was also called a silver-tongue. Clicking my fingers together I remembered. He could read from a book and read out characters of a story that appeared in his time. He could also read them back into the book. 

I sat down on the couch. If he could transport book characters and objects from a story to his present time and was called Ink-Heart the silver-tongue then what am I; Ink-Pen the golden writer? Made some insane sense and I liked it. Going to the kitchen I fixed two sandwiches, grabbed a can of Cream Soda and bag of chips then returned to watch the movie.  An hour and a half later I was still hungry. I washed the last Twinkie with a cup of coffee and thought about the movie.

Ink-Heart read from a book and made it happen. My latest manuscript titled FIRE IN THE SKY was in my computer...I wonder. Getting up I walked to my desk and sat down. Scrolling down the pages I stopped at a Chapter named Confrontation between Gods. After scanning the chapter I chose three small paragraphs and typed them on a blank page.

Zeus’ eyes blazed with fire as he hefted his lightning bolt over his shoulder.

'“STAY THY HAND!” The angry voice came from nowhere and appeared everywhere. Zeus’ lightning bolt turned black and crumbled to dust, falling to the floor.

'“I am the God of thy father and his father before him. Heed my messenger’s words or I will cast you down to Tartarus and its eternal damnation.'” The voice spread out toppling columns, sending them crashing down to the darkness below.

My hands flew to my ears, the voice was deafening. Walls began to crack, pictures, books and clocks flew into the air, crashing on the floor and chunks' of marble began falling through the ceiling. I quickly erased the paragraphs; the actions stopped. Dust and smoke disappeared out of the new gaps in the walls. A loud thunk sounded in the room as I tossed a big hunk of marble from my couch. With my head in my hands I reviewed what just happened; I typed and it happened; how's that possible? I gotta try this again.

Looking at the blank page, I typed; "Bast, come here." A barely audible "plop" sounded behind me and I spun around.

"Meow!" Bast immediately jumped on to the computer table and sniffed the screen. She's trying to tell me something. My fingers suddenly connected with the keyboard, words appeared; Bast repaired everything in the house and returned to Cynthia. It became quite. I was once again in my house, my perfect house; only it was larger, much larger.  


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
If the beholder is a book reader then it's magnified.
To be continued.





  1. good luck with your new book and keep up your short stories

  2. Hi Shawn, thanks for the well wishes. The story will continue; who knows this might end up being a book written online a chapter at a time.