Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part six




I don't remember doing it but my smart-phone appeared in my hand and I snapped a picture of Cynthia and Bast; the moment captured for all time. Bast struggled in Cynthia's arms trying to escape but Cynthia was having none of that.  

"Cindy," she asked. I hunched my shoulders and shook my head. "Please come in and tell me everything."

When someone asks you to tell everything they either believe everything you say or dismiss you as being crazy. I was betting on the latter. This time Cynthia brought me to the kitchen; she pointed to an eight foot marble topped table and I sat down on a comfortable stool. She placed Bast on the floor and the cat made a beeline to her food bowls.

"I'd better feed her or she'll be a pest during our conversation."

I looked at Bast and thought—why you little devil, I just fed you. Bast immediately hid in front of Cynthia almost as if she read my mind.

Things weren't adding up, the swirling colors, laughter, smack on the back of my head and Cindy's diary pages moving to a critical page on their own. Then there was the sudden appearance of Bast. I wanted answers and I needed them fast. Cynthia returned and sat opposite me.

"Cindy sent Bast through a portal, didn't she? It's her way of showing proof of life."

"Cindy's life?" She nodded in the affirmative. "I'd better start at the beginning." I told her everything that happened since I returned home from my first visit to her house. She only had one question.

"What smacked you on the back of your head?"

"The sudden appearance of Bast startled me so much that I forgot to look behind the couch. The voices told me to see it. I'll look when I return home." Changing the subject..."Is the portal in your father's study still their?"

"I'm not sure. Once we closed the Armoire doors and secured the room I never went back." She looked thoughtful. "I wonder if that's how Cindy disappeared; through that damned gateway."

"I think we should check to see if it's still active." I followed Cynthia out of the kitchen to a narrow stairway leading upstairs.

"In years past this was the servant's stairway for access to the upper floors." Arriving at the top we turned right down a long corridor, arriving at a locked room. Cynthia fumbled inside her pocked and produced a set of keys. The room's description from Cindy's diary filled my view. Cynthia remained by the doorway and pointed to a large Italian Armoire. I'll not enter any further."

Standing in front of the Armoire I sensed an eerie silence in the area. With nervous fingers I opened the doors; the vortex reached out and began surrounding me; pulling in to its blackness. Out of my peripheral vision I sensed a flash of black then I was flung across the room.

The wet cloth brought back feelings to my face; my eyes opened. Cindy, no I'm confused, Cynthia smiled at me.

"Welcome back to the land of the living. Let me help you sit up." Her hands felt warm against my neck and shoulder. She placed a couple of pillows behind my back and I felt human once again.

"What happened to me? The portal; I remember now it almost had me then I was flying across the room."

"Bast saved you and closed the portal." I'd heard some strange words before but those topped my list.

"Bast; a cat, saved me? How's that possible? I remember seeing a black flash before being shot out of a canon.  Say, how did a cat know how to shut down the portal?"

"Bast told me." Boy was I wrong; those words towered over my strange word list. Soft purring entered my mind and I collapsed back on the couch.

"I believe you," I told her. "Bast is inside my mind too." A glass of cold white wine pressed upon my lips; my mind cleared. "I believe in portals, now I need to find out about this Ink-Pen magic that I'm supposed to have." Cynthia smiled.

"There is supposed to be fog tomorrow night." I smiled back.





To be continued







Traveling in your mind—limited experience.

Letting a fantasy book take you to distant galaxies—complete.



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  1. OMGosh!!! You are keeping me spellbound!!! :D

  2. Hi Marcie, this story is also keeping me spellbound. I gotta admit, I am having fun with it. This must be the Darkside of me!